Monday, July 9, 2007

an overdue update

when we last left our intrepid programmer, he had produced basic code that exported from Gsharp to MusicXML in record time, leaving him with a program that could convert but a single note from Gsharp to MusicXML and back. Since then, he has added support for a number of additional musical features:

  • More than one note
  • Measures
  • Accidentals
  • Key signatures
  • Chords

All of these things can be both imported and exported. We rejoin our hero as he is working on adding support for multiple staffs (staves? i like staffs myself). There are a number of more basic things which need to be added (say, notes of varying duration) but that fiendish villain Multiple Staffs is threatening to disturb a lot of code in his quest to control all of the innocent notes and rests that populate the fair city of Gsharp, so Brian has elected to vanquish him now, though perhaps not once and for all. Waiting around that next dark corner are more complicated features, like Multiple Voices and Ties, and our programmer is only beginning to suspect to what level they are in cahoots with Staffs in some kind of unholy criminal alliance.

As for the state of my lispiness, despite the considerate speed discussed in my last post, my progress seemed to slow down immensely immediately thereafter. However, I think my fluency continues to improve at a steady pace. Christophe (my mentor on this project) says that he thinks it takes 10 years to become truly fluent, so I'm feeling pretty good.

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